Watch Out For This Flaming Series

Yes, it’s flaming, because it is currently one of the famous series that people are hyped about! You can see it everywhere—news, articles, Facebook posts—this is what everyone is talking about right now. Not only because the characters are truly admirable and quirky in their own ways, but the storyline of Riverdale itself will get viewers wanting more! The hype about Riverdale has been going on to the point where people are formulating theories of the incoming episodes and making guesses of the outcome of the characters’ lives. The community is so involved and this only means that this is worth checking out. So, without further ado, get to know about Riverdale.

The Background Of Riverdale

Riverdale is based on Archie Comics. These comics have been going on for so long and there had been many spectators of it. The first one was published on 1941 (imagine that!) and yes, the characters are the same until what they appear now on TV. Not everyone may know about this fun fact but Riverdale was indeed made for decades. It was only decided by 2015 that the TV series will be made as well. Now, people can watch it through sites like and enjoy the mystery that lies within Riverdale.

What Is The Series All About?

This is about the life of a young group of friends and since this is a series, all the things that happen may be linked to the other episodes. Each episode has its own interesting story and the effective way to watch Riverdale is by starting from the very first episode—it is easier to follow the story that way. There is drama, comedy, romance, and mystery—these are the genres of Riverdale. However, once a person starts to watch the series, it might be hard to stop!